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Orson Welles meets Jack Nicholson, circa 1976, courtesy of Will McCrabb.

In 1971, director Henry Jaglom was in hot pursuit of the legendary Orson Welles. Jaglom desperately wanted Welles to star in his feature debut, A Safe Place, opposite Jack Nicholson, and flew to the Plaza Hotel in New York to make his pitch. Welles agreed — the prospect of getting to wear a magician’s cape was the selling point — and a most unexpected friendship blossomed. —My Lunches with Orson: Conversations Between Henry Jaglom and Orson Welles

Peter Biskind records the exchange in his introduction to My Lunches with Orson. Welles came to Jaglom during a break:

“You’re the arrogant kid who pushed me into this. How’s your arrogance doing?”

“Not very well. The crew hates me. They’re totally negative. Everything I tell them to shoot, they say, ‘It won’t cut,’ or ‘it’s not in the script.’ I have to fight to get every single shot. I’m exhausted.”

“Oh my God, I should have prepared you. Tell ‘em it’s a dream sequence.”


“Just do as I tell you. Trust me. You trusted me enough to hire me. Do it.”

Jaglom took Welles’ advice and got results. He went back to Welles:

“What the fuck is this? Everything I want to do, I say, ‘Dream sequence,’ and they’re pussycats.”

“You have to understand, these are people who work hard for a living. They have tough lives. Structured lives. They work all day, then they have dinner, put their kids to bed, go to sleep, and get back to the set at five o’clock the next morning. Everything else in life except for dreams has rules.” —Henry Jaglom and Orson Welles, On Screen: A Safe Place and Someone to Love

Here’s a rarity: A Safe Place outtakes with Orson Welles; never-before-seen footage of Henry Jaglom’s feature debut featuring Tuesday Weld, Orson Welles and Jack Nicholson.

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Hermann Hendrich, “Das Irrlicht”

Hermann Hendrich, “Das Irrlicht”

Tuesday Sep 2 01:07am

Antonio Muñoz Degrain (Spain 1840-1924)Vista de la Alhambra (1914)oleo sobre lienzo, pintura 125 x 83 cm.Museo de Málaga, Spain


Antonio Muñoz Degrain (Spain 1840-1924)
Vista de la Alhambra (1914)
oleo sobre lienzo, pintura 125 x 83 cm.
Museo de Málaga, Spain

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Wes Lang

From True Power series

Monday Sep 1 07:16pm
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Full and empty.


Full and empty.

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A short (8 page) comic, “Catch sun,” with a little story about Lion and Mii, is now available on my Gumroad page for free. I think it’s the cutest/most positive comic I’ve drawn yet … you’ve been warned.

(I like to keep most of my online comics free so anyone can read them but also I am currently unemployed sooooo … any little helps. <3 Big thanks to anyone who has ever paid for any of my comics.)


Thursday Aug 21 10:09am
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Suspiria (1977), dir. Dario Argento.

Suspiria was the last movie to be printed in 3 Strip Technicolor in Rome, one of the last produced in the western world before all of Technicolor’s equipment was sold off to China in 1978.

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Friday Aug 15 07:06pm

Sophie Yanow


Sophie Yanow

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Vattu page 572

The second book of Vattu is DONE with page 572!!! By my current estimate, there will be four books in total, so we’re around halfway done right now. This thing is huge and it boggles my mind to think too hard about. Thank you SO MUCH for reading.

A few things are happening…

halfway done with a comic that will take me 8 years to make apparently

i think it’s good

Saturday Aug 9 07:16pm
Albatross: Wings of Death - Lupin the Third, episode 145 - Directed by Hayao Miyazaki!

Albatross: Wings of Death - Lupin the Third, episode 145 - Directed by Hayao Miyazaki!

Friday Aug 8 02:19pm
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